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Whiplash can be a serious condition. Prompt whiplash treatment is often required to ensure the issue does not worsen or linger for longer than necessary. There are various ways to treat whiplash through chiropractic care. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help you recover with effective whiplash treatment.

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What is whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck injury that results from a forceful, sudden back and forth movement of the neck. It often occurs during an automobile accident, although it can also happen in various other settings.

The symptoms of whiplash usually include neck pain, restricted range of motion in the neck and headaches. Whiplash has a wide range of severity, and the most serious forms of whiplash require prompt treatment. However, it is important to seek professional care for whiplash regardless of the severity. With proper whiplash treatment, the symptoms usually subside in a few weeks after the injury.

Chiropractic whiplash treatment

While pain relief medication may relieve the symptoms temporarily, chiropractic care for whiplash may be necessary for long-term success. At our chiropractic clinic, we have the equipment and expertise necessary to administer long-term whiplash treatment. Here are a few of the whiplash treatments you may encounter at our office.

Stretching and movement

One of the main goals of whiplash treatment is to restore the range of motion in the neck. In most instances, the best way to restore the range of motion is through a series of stretches and movement exercises. These movements help relax the tension in the neck.

During a visit to our chiropractic clinic for whiplash treatment, we may perform a series of neck and shoulder stretches to relieve tension and fully restore your neck’s range of motion.

Joint manipulation

Many cases of whiplash can be treated through a series of joint manipulation techniques. These movements help to realign the muscles, ligaments and joints that may have been altered during a car accident or other traumatic event.

Joint manipulation is similar to a massage. It strategically applies pressure to the joints to relieve the symptoms of whiplash. Joint manipulation does not only provide short-term relief for whiplash symptoms. It can also help ensure the patient is pain-free for the long-term.

Massage therapy

In addition to the above chiropractic techniques, we may also use a series of massages to help relieve the symptoms of whiplash. By providing a gentle massage to the affected area after whiplash, the amount of swelling and tenderness may decrease. In many cases, a reduction in inflammation speeds up the healing process. While other chiropractic techniques may work better for long-term treatment, massage therapy can comfortably relieve the symptoms in the short-term.

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Do not ignore the signs of whiplash

If you have recently been injured, please review the symptoms of whiplash listed above. While nothing is wrong with toughing out a small amount of pain, you do not want to ignore a serious injury. Speak with us and find out how we provide long-term whiplash treatment.

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